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Now for the exciting part! If you are ready to embark on your transformative journey- lets begin! 

Choose your pricing plan

  • The Eczema Slayer Program

    Learn all of the keys of Skin Health Mastery. Discover the 12 keys of your Rapid Healing, so that you can Slay the Beast of Eczema!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Call With Candace
    • You will get our Magazine Jeweled Sanctuary
    • Asher 7 Skincare products
    • You will have access to targeted videos created for YOU
    • Jeweled Sanctuary Journal
    • Access to our Eczema Slayers Community
    • Eczema Slayer T-shirt and Mug
    • Get exclusive products only available to our Slayers
    • Get access to The Jeweled Sanctuary Podcast
  • Beautiful Healing Art - Beginners Luck

    The program description for 'Beautiful Healing Art: Beginner's Luck' is all set to go. Should you require any more help or want to tackle another item on your to-do list, just give me a shout!
    Valid for one month
    • Learning the basics of drawing, painting, and digital art
  • Beautiful Healing Art - Intermediate

    Valid for one month
    • Beautiful Healing Art - Advanced Mastery

      Valid for one month
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