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Heirloom Wild was birthed at a time of Candace's darkest, and lowest moment of her life. The part she shares with you does not have a happy ending - yet. But her children Bay, Bell, Jo Jo, & King drive Candace to create a healthy, safe, nurturing, and harmonious life that WILL be their happy beginning! 


During her time alone and away from her children, she began to create beautiful illustrations made from Sharpie Markers and other artistic mediums. As her prayers to her Father in heaven became powerful and evoked strength, her tears flowed and they began to water her seed-filled path. New talents she didn't realize that she possessed started to bloom! Candace felt lead to apply those illustrations to fashion and home decor. Her creative creations reflect self-discovery, elegance, wonder, beauty, imagination, and courage. 


"Heirloom Wild & Candace Marquette, is more than home decor and fashion. It's my way to express the hopes and passions that I have inside of me from my heart to yours".

Candace is an international author of "Craft Candy 30+ Projects to Stitch & Glue". She has been a Celebrity Designer for I Love To Create. She has over 20+ years of artistic experience as a mural artist, fine artist, DIY'er, graphic designer, and fashion designer. Candace murals have gone international. You can find her Elegant Graffiti Murals in Switzerland. Her talents were commissioned by DFINITY Foundation a Swiss-based blockchain foundation in Zurich - Summer 2022.

Candace collaborated with Sodexo/ Pluxee - a French Multinational company in 2023 and created The X Collection ( quoted below by YUMI). 


Introducing the X Collection, a stunning series of 5000 NFTs by artist Candace Marquette. This collection celebrates and integrates our 5000 employees, showcasing the strength and beauty of their connections.

With 7 types of natural elements, 16 types of exquisite jewels, and a diverse range of human-like figures, animated characters, and wild animals, the X Collection captures the vitality and wonder of nature. Read more here about the collection.

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