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The Eczema Slayer Program




12 Weeks


About the Course

In this 12 week course, you will learn all about what Eczema is and how to naturally heal from it by eating foods that help heal you from the inside out. As a bonus, Candace will show you how to take care of your skin and teach you how to promote healthy glowing skin!

Your Instructor

Candace Marquette

Candace suffered from Atopic Dermatitis for 12+years. After failed medications and advice from skin doctors, allergists, and immunology specialists; She knew that there had to be a better and natural way to heal. So she scoured the internet looking for help. After hearing stories of women who had the same skin condition, she learned that it was her gut that was the cause of her pain. Candace has made it her mission to help women be set free from Eczema. So that they can discover their Devine purpose in life.

Candace Marquette
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