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New Heaven & Earth Mural

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

April 28 2020

This mural started off as just a simple Sharpie marker drawing on the wall at Hello Boba Tea. The owners of are my sweet friends and asked me to help re-design their store.

I had no idea what how this mural was going to start and end. The creativity just flowed through my hands.

Can you spot the faces?

May 13 2020

As I kept going, more and more of this beautiful display of what the. Watch this video and take a look and see how I worked my creative powers!

This was so fun you guys. The more I poured my heart into this project, the more of the unseen wonders that my soul could see began to come to life. The agony of being ripped away from my babies was some ot the most excruciating pain that I have ever experienced. But I was able to use it to as powerful fuel to create this mural. You can NOT deny that the Most High is real. He is real his word is true and unfolding like a book right before my eyes. The products that I used are Ecoline markers to do this part. Using markers was so fun. It was a little more freeing than paint.

May 20th 2020

Whoa!! This is crazy! Look, as I was drawing and creating this masterpiece-I was blown the freak AWAY by what Abba was allowing me to create. Wow! Look at all of the colors and the golds and everything! The Most High NEVER ceases to amaze me. His tenderness and mercy and protection and correction was so worth all of the beauty and wonder. My love for my children and them being with me drove me to my creative heights. These kids are so dope and respectful and kind.

Do you see the progression? Can you start to see the animals and the array of colors?

Later on I will break down the imagery and and the energy of this work of HEART.

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