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Love You. So That You Can Love Others

I wanted to created an athletic line that was based on getting motivated to exercise

with a nod of robust colors, diamonds, crystals and everything girly with some power.

Love You is not about "self love" like a selfish love. No, but it is a "love" that helps you recognize that it is important to take care of your well being, mind, body and soul. Being fit is not just to look good- all though that IS a benefit to self care. But I want us as women and mothers to take the time to stay healthy so that you can live a longer life and be with your children and loved ones a little longer.

I was trying to hard to find ways to communicate to my audience how important health is.

These ads I made just by creating colorful and interesting textures all the while promoting a delicious mouth watering collage of colors and blueberries.

These images are how I wanted to layout my content for recipes and smoothies and everything that I could think of relating to being healthy and fit. My recipes will be filled with taste (first), color, texture and oh so good for you!

I love blueberries! They are such a versatile fruit and can be made in so many delicious amazing ways.

This was just a quick blog to touch base. I want you love coming here and taking something with you every time you visit.

With Love,


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