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Can Heirlooms Be People? The Answer Is YES!

When you think of the word Heirloom, something old and passed down should come to mind.

Our generations from the past make us who we are today. Look at your skin, your eyes, your mannerisms and who you are. You are your mother, father, grandparents and so forth. All of those bloodlines run through your veins. I know, when you think of heirlooms as old junk passed down to your from your grandmother. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your grandmother adapted to her era and memories of her life and granted and esteemed you to carry her on in the future.

Some of you might not have grandmothers that passed anything down to you. That's ok! Because you are the heirloom. Here we will focus on a new way of thinking about heirlooms as people and not just things.

Touch your skin. Go ahead and do it. Touching your skin evokes an emotion. The emotion should not be shame or bad memories that you cannot change. Focus on how you as a person can use your life.

What can you do for others so that they can see you as a beautiful living and breathing heirloom. Listen, I understand that most of us don't have good stories to tell about our bloodline. Our lives and thoughts have been riddled with pain and contempt. If you want to change that negativity, you can! Start telling yourself good things about you. Take care of your health. Spend time doing things that will give you a chance to rest and recharged. I have and continue to do so. My past will not define my future and the future of my children. Be beautiful heirlooms! Wear yourself proudly with love, honor and truth.

Let's get to the Wild part. Wild child, wild and free, rebel without a cause. chaotic and brash. Are these some of the words that come to mind when you think of the word "wild"? When I used this word as apart of my business name, I was thinking more like free, flowing, colorful, zany, silly, at peace with one's self. The true meaning of "wild" is that the Father is wild about us! I am wildly created in His image and will continue to praise the Most High the days of my life. So because He loves me so, I am wild about Him and will use this business as a testament to my adoration for Him and gentiles that he wants to graft into the olive branch. If you have time, please read Romans 11:11-31. Here you will find what Paul is saying to the gentiles about being grafted in the Royal family tree.

I know in my soul and my being that my calling is to help others through teaching health, mindset, biblical truths, self love and true identity through being the vessel I was created to be. My goal and my mission is to be a light, to love hard, and to teach young mothers how to love their children and husbands. Fashion, arts, decor, food, and all ways to be creative is me! I am thankful that I now love myself and except my shortcomings and can show the world who Candace as a beautiful Black Hebrew woman. Thank you for reading and I love you. My people are beautiful, we are a holy nation. Our Father's jewels are we! Never forget that we are loved by the King. Remember to love you so that you can love others!

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