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Horses Perspective

Heirloom Wild Mascots

This collection is a combination of graphic design, illustration and digital art.

My style is a mix of tribal, fantasy, fun with a bit of mystery. When I was alone in my room confused about my life, and what was happening to me, something in my spirit drew me to draw (pun intended). 


All I had in me in the form of expression was art. Through the tears and my sorrow, these beautiful strange creatures began to emerge on the page. Countless hours, days, weeks and months would fly by. Every day was a new drawing adventure. My works and designs come from my heart, my spirit and my mind.


I know my work is strange, intriguing, different, but beautiful. If you like what you see, please don't copy or steal from me. If you would like to learn from me, I have programs that I am working on to teach you how to unleash your creative beauty. There is plenty of artistic expression to go around. Remember, Karma is real. Just sayin'.

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Need I Say More_
Heirloom Wild Mascots

Future advertisement for my collection.

Heirloom Wild Mascots Ad
Not A Moster T-shirt
monochromatic-t-shirt-of-a-woman-holding-some-roses-32784 (7)
monochromatic-t-shirt-of-a-woman-holding-some-roses-32784 (4)
Hybrid Horse Unicorn Pull-Over Hoodie

Hoodie Collection Coming Soon!

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